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Dr. Healy is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor focusing on holistic Mind-Body psychotherapy, homeopathy and detoxification drainage therapies.  He's been licensed as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor since 2015 and has been researching different medical, health, and alternative healing systems for the last 8 years. He’s done extensive study and research into Bio-Field technologies and uses the principles of resonance and frequency enhancement in his approach to health and wellness. Prior to medical school he studied general biology, philosophy and psychology at the University of California in San Diego. 

His Mind-Body therapy helps enhance individual conscious awareness of where the disease began in the Mind. Retracing these steps allows for a complete reversal of the disease in the Body. Additionally, he is a practicing Alchemist, and uses aspects of this work and philosophy in his Art of Medicine. As the ‘terrain’ is above; so is the terrain below. Thought processes in the subconscious will dictate health in the physical. Making changes at this level of our reality encourages the evolution of the collective consciousness, allowing more people to face their inner demons and become wholesome individuals. Forming a healthy lifestyle is then no longer a choice, it simply is, because one is aligned with their True purpose.  What he was able to discover for himself and has helped numerous people realize is that healing involves a rebuilding, reprocessing and rewiring of the entire human body and mind. 

Giving the body the necessary time to heal itself requires patience and a change from the day to day stress of convenient, and unhealthy modern living to reveal where changes in mind need to take place, for this purpose he helps facilitate a health retreat in Kapoho, Hawaii with the Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center. Healing also requires dedication, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and neither was the illness that involves the multidimensional aspects of our body, emotions, mind and spirit. He is able to guide you on diet and lifestyle changes, in addition to aspects of mental modification, physical detoxification, emotional purification and spiritual regeneration.  

When he isn't visiting with patients, or operating a retreat, he spends time gardening, reading, writing, and researching. He grew up surfing in California and continues to enjoy the waves and the introspection that only Nature provides. His ultimate endeavor is to help humanity heal holistically and reach new levels of conscious awareness aligned with the Divine Love of our Creator.

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