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Specialty Lab Testing

Nutrition Panel

SpectraCell Laboratories offers a wide range of comprehensive specialty tests including testing for nutrients, genes, hormones, and heart hearth.

You can order tests from them by following the link below, and you have the option to consult with me regarding the results and getting a treatment plan established for optimal health and wellness!

Parasite and Stool Testing

From the world renowned Parasitology Center in Arizona they offer comprehensive stool test, parasite testing and Morgellon's testing. Gut health is a primary factor for overall health and identifying imbalances goes a long way for your health.

You can order tests directly from them, and have the option to consult with me regarding a treatment plan.


Great Plains Laboratory offers in depth environmental toxin testing and food allergy testing. These tests can vary from heavy metals, to glyphosate or IgG food sensitivities, organic acids, or hormone testing. 

Take a look at their tests and I can authorize a test kit to be sent to your home to be completed at your convenience, 


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Food Sensitivity

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Basic Labs

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